• Remanufacture of injectors and unit injectors

    - Common Rail all types
    - mechanical
    - unit injectors
    - gasoline including FSI

  • Unit injectors TDI

    We offer complete solution for unit injectors from VW Audi Skoda Seat: cleaning and testing. If unit injector fails test then we replace nozzle and repair the steering valve

  • Gasoline direct injectors FSI TSI GDI

    We have more than diesel! We're servicing all types of gasoline injectors, including types with direct injection both electromagnetic and piezoelectric

  • Remanufacture of diesel pumps

    - Common Rail all types
    - Unit pumps PLD
    - VP44, VP30

  • Remanufacture of turbochargers

    - With pneumatic and electric actuators
    - Single, bi- and tri-turbo
    - All types

  • Check how we work

    See the movie showing our laboratory. Check also the benefits that you'll receive after repairing of your components at our company.

Injectors, diesel pumps and turbochargers
reconditioning service - Gładysek

Injectors reconditioning

Diesel pumps repair

Turbochargers remanufacture

We remanufacture all types of turbochargers from passanger cars, machines and trucks. The repair is provided using Schenck machines and spare parts of high quality. We check flows and pressures in every turbocharger on Cimat TurboTest device.

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We test and repair even more!

New Carbon Zapp MTBR-E diesel test bench

August 2017 - The latest and most innovative Carbon Zapp MTBR-E test bench has joined to our extensive range of Bosch and Carbon Zapp testers and test benches. This is the first device of its kind in Poland! In addition to the features of the smaller Carbon Zapp devices, MTBR offers test of Common Rail injectors and pumps of all types and manufacturers up to 2800 bar, as well as testing of electromagnetic and piezoelectric unit injectors from various manufacturers, not just Bosch electromagnetic. This test bench also tests HEUI systems known primarily from American diesel and industrial applications such as Caterpillar. The new test bench functions will enable our company to expand the testing and repair of those components that could not be tested or repaired on equipment previously available on the market. Carbon Zapp MTBR sets like Cambox and HEUI kit will be available soon. And now we can fully use the common rail system testing procedures. The other test benches of our laboratory also allow for testing and reconditioning of components from other injection systems such as unit injectors, gasoline injectors and many other types - details in relevant sections of the site. MTBR-E will perfectly complement our service range. We invite you to cooperate.

ReMaTec fairs in Amsterdam 2017 r.

We'd like to thank our new partners for their interest in our offer and all customers for visiting our booth in this year's ReMaTec fairs. We hope that the partnership will be productive for both parties. Conversations have shown that, in addition to competitive prices, customers expect first of all high quality products to provide them with trouble-free sales of remanufactured components. The highest quality equipment, technology, professionalism, friendly service is the guarantee of meeting the expectations of our customers.

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We test 4-pin CR Actros

May 2017 - We do complex tests of the latest generation CRIN 4.2 Common Rail Bosch injectors from Mercedes Benz trucks. In this system there are used 4-pin injectors with hydraulic amplifier so-called HADI. The CPN5 high pressure pump produces a maximum pressure only up to 900 or 1200 bar depending on the design. At low loads, only one coil is operated and the injector operates in much the same way as a conventional common rail injector. When a higher injection pressure is required under load, a second coil is also driven and pressure is increased in the injector itself with a hydraulic booster up to a pressure of 2700 bars. In our company, these injectors are tested at the Carbon Zapp CRU2R test bench with appropriate equipment. The test involves assessing the electrical parameters of both coils, the injection dose test at different loads, including the high pressure generated by the injector itself, as well as the opening pressure and injection delay in relation to the current signal start. As part of the service, we also clean the injector with chemical detergent under high pressure. We provide a detailed report for each test.

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We generate codes for Denso Common Rail

From April 2017, we have the ability to generate new codes for Denso Common Rail injectors. The procedure applies to both electromagnetic and piezoelectric injectors. Coding function has been implemented through the purchase of the license for Denso injectors using Carbon Zapp CRU2R machine. We generate new code automatically for injectors that pass the test parameters.

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Piezoelectric injectors repair

Piezo stack regeneration - Siemens VDO Continental - diesel & gasoline

We already have this secret technology!

Regeneration of piezo stack is based on its treatment with a current signal with a corresponding profile. It is an innovation on a global scale and the profile itself has been developed in a laboratory environment. With the usage of the Siemens - VDO - Continental injector there is a short circuit between the micro layers of the injector piezoelectric stack. This results in reduced injection doses and a greater delay in the injector's reaction. Regeneration of the stack removes the short circuits between layers so that the entire stack is again increasing by a similar value to that of an efficient injector. If the injector does not have mechanical damage it will most likely regenerate it.

The piezoelectric stack regeneration process for the Siemens VDO Continental Common Rail injectors takes place on the Carbon Zapp CRU2R. Gasoline injectors e.g. direct injection petrol injectors from BMW No. 10181010 are serviced on Carbon Zapp GDU2R.

The process itself also brings positive results in new and used injectors that have been lying on the shelf for a long time, resulting in complete discharges. The regeneration process re-shapes the stack to restore its ability to work. The regeneration service is carried out at Gładysek as part of the Siemens injector cleaning and testing procedures in those components that require it. We do not charge extra for the piezo regeneration.

More about piezo stack regeneration:

Siemens VDO Conti Common RailSiemens VDO Gasoline BMW 10181010

Bosch Quality Scan

Bosch confirms the highest quality of Common Rail injectors & pumps repairs in our company

Gładysek Bosch Service has introduced the Common Rail Bosch components marking procedure, so called Quality Scan. Only injectors and pumps that meet the highest technological standards of Bosch can receive such a mark. The repair data is transferred to the Bosch central server. This way, anyone can scan the QR code with a smartphone or enter a digital code from a sticker for useful information such as a new IMA code.

In our company, each repaired Common Rail Bosch injector or pump receives this special marking. Due to Bosch policy we use Quality Scan marking for polish market only. Injectors and pumps send to other counties has exact the same quality, but without this QS sticker.
Bosch Quality Scan

We repair Common Rail Bosch CP4 pumps, we are servicing Bosch piezo injectors!

Bosch's latest technology implemented at Gładysek Bosch Service

Thanks to the extension of our laboratory equipment to the next testing bench: Bosch EPS 708 with proper equipment, we started repairing Common Rail Bosch CP4 pumps and providing Bosch piezo injector service. The new EPS 708 bench and the EPS 815 bench have also increased the performance of our reconditioning department for many years. With our Bosch Diesel Service Authorization, our company has access to original Bosch spare parts and factory repair technology. In addition to testing and repairing of CP4 pumps, the EPS 708 test bench also allows to check and encode the latest common rail and piezoelectric injector types up to 2500 bar.

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Complex repair of unit injectors VW Audi Seat Skoda TDI

Introduction of a new 3-stage TDI unit injector repair

Gładysek company has implemented a new technology of repair and regeneration of TDI unit injectors - Bosch tool kit for repair of the upper part of the unit injectors from passanger cars, 3rd level of repair.

So far, Bosch has provided the following repair levels for the VW Audi Skoda Seat injectors:
- Level 1: Replacement of the injection nozzle assembly, checking and adjustment of the opening pressure
- Level 2: Testing the unit injector on Bosch EPS815 stand with CAM 847 (Cambox).
Currently Level 3 is available to replace the solenoid valve and regulate the air gap, and adjust the BIP signal tested at level 2.

By using all three levels of repair, we have increased the amount of repaired TDI injectors, and we have a greater impact on injection and BIP regulation. It results in lower fuel consumption in vehicles and longer life of TDI unit injectors. We invite you to cooperate.

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Boost pressure test of turbocharger

We have developed a turbocharger laboratory with further diagnostic capabilities. Cimat's TurboTest flow bench has been upgraded to the most advanced version with the ability to measure turbocharger boost pressure.

Testing of the turbocharger under load even more clearly reflects the conditions in which it operates in the engine. Once turbocharger rotor rotation has been set, turbocharger pressure measurement will start. Measurement and compensation of compressed air temperature and ambient temperature and pressure provide accurate measurement of boost pressure.

Every turbocharger repaired at us goes through the flow control.
Each time a turbocharger is checked, we attach a printout confirming the boost pressure obtained during the test at different points of the variable geometry setting. This process is essential for the reconditioning of turbochargers. Only those turbochargers whose technical condition allows them to be mounted on the flow device are subject to verification.

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Gasoline direct injection

Direct injection gasoline injection service

In September 2015, we introduced a service for gasoline injectors with direct injection from TSI, TFSI, FSI, GDI, etc. engines. The service is performed on GDU2R device by Carbon Zapp - it is the first device of this type in Poland!

  • - Bosch, Siemens VDO, Continental, Denso, Hitachi - HTC, Delphi, Magneti Marelli, FoMoCo etc.
  • - Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Citroen, Ford, Hyundai, KIA, Land Rover, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Seat, Skoda, Toyota, Volvo, VW etc.
  • - FSI, TSI, TFSI, JTS, HPI, HPDI, Ecotec, Ecoboost, CGI, DISI, GDI, SCi, IDE, SIDI etc.
  • electromagnetic and piezoelectric

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Poznan fairs 2016

As every two years we thank you for the numerous participation at our stand at the motor show in Poznan. Our offer: reconditioning of Common Rail injectors & pumps, sales of Bosch and Carbon Zapp equipment for testing and repair of injectors and technical trainings covering issues how to repair injectors have meet with great interest. Below the photo gallery from the fairs

Programming of electronic actuators from turbochargers

The turbochargers that we repair go through the programming process of the electronic actuator, if its operating range prevents from the correct performance of the turbocharger. We also offer the same programming of the turbine actuators provided for this purpose: - reading the actuator memory - programming - verification of the correct number of gear units to the actuator - reading the operating range of the adjuster after factory calibration - modification of the operating range to achieve the desired parameters.

We are looking for faulty CR injectors

A promotional campaign:

Initial test of Common Rail Bosch & Delphi electromagnetic injectors from passanger cars

We have introduced a new service for the selection of faulty injectors, those that have been negatively assessed for their performance during the control test.

The service is dedicated to customers who care about the information which injectors are damaged. The control test is not, however, a sufficient tool to provide an opinion on the full efficiency of the Common Rail injector.

The initial test is accompanied by a report with the serial number of the individual injector and the evaluation of each. In the case of a negative rating we will inform you if there is a possibility of repairing a Common Rail injector.

In order to give a clear, positive opinion about the technical condition of the injector, a comprehensive diagnostic test and possible mechanical adjustments should be carried out. To do this, we dismantle the injector on the first part and verify it - see the Repair section. Installing the injector into the engine without finding its condition can damage the vehicle's engine.

Other types of Common Rail injectors, injector pumps and mechanical injectors are cleaned, tested, or verified and repaired in accordance with the applicable Gładysek technology and are not subject to an initial test.

Dynamic check of the turbochargers flow

We have expanded the turbo measurement possibilities by measuring the air volume compressed by the rotating assembly and dynamic positioning of the variable geometry based on the Cimat TurboTest flow measuring instrument, commonly known as FLOW-BENCH. Purchase of equipment contributes to the higher quality of services provided by us. Currently, every repairing turbocharger undergoes a flow test and the price of turbine regeneration has not changed.

Customer benefits:
- Fast response to accelerator pedal, no so-called. "Turbo lag"
- No loading or unloading errors
- The momentary drop in engine power will no longer bother you
- You will also check whether the turbocharger does not have external leaks

The turbine at the flow station is driven by suitably stabilized air at the preset pressure. At the same time the turbine rotor rotates and the turbocharger is lubricated with oil with pressure. The machine examines the air flowing through the blades of variable turbine geometry in various positions, as well as the turbocharger compressor part. The additional advantage of such a measurement is to avoid possible external leakage of the turbine after mounting to the vehicle. The TurboTest is the only one on the market that allows for a complete check on all turbines that are assembled and ready for use. After each test, we print parameters report.

Bosch Secret Customer test - results

We are pleased to announce that our commitment to achieving the highest quality of our injector and diesel regeneration services has resulted in the receipt of 100 points out of 100 possible in Bosch Poland Secret Customer Test for the Bosch Diesel Service network.

Gładysek Bosch Service won the first place in Poland!

Such a result is another motivation for us to work in the highest standards. Quality is worth it!

Unit injectors reconditioning - from passanger cars and trucks - Gładysek Kraków, Poland

Do you have a problem with your unit injectors? Come to us!

We have launched the only testing and repair equipment in Krakow for:
- Bosch unit injectors from TDI
(VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat: 1.9 TDI, 2.0 TDI, 2.5 TDI, 5.0 TDI, 1.4 TDI)
- Truck unit injectors (eg Scania, Volvo, Iveco)
based on the Bosch Cambox attachment to the Bosch EPS 815 test bench.

Cambox with a set of multiple mounting adapters enables electronic measurement of the injector's flow rate at various loads, overflows, BIP signals with history and other parameters necessary for proper diagnosis of the status of the unit injector. The drive is driven by a cam, whose pitch and position relative to the injector is individually selected for the type. The whole is put into high speed and lubricated with engine oil. This reflects the working conditions of the unit injector in engine.

After each test, a report is generated and evaluated from the Bosch database.
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Reconditioning of Common Rail Bosch injectors using 3rd phase technology

Gładysek Bosch Service from Krakow, Poland has implemented 3rd phase of repair of Common Rail Bosch electromagnetic injectors from cars and trucks as one of the first companies in Poland. A set of measuring heads and other tools from Bosch allows us to calibrate the injector setting dimensions to 1 micron (0.001 mm). For comparison, the average thickness of human hair is about 60 microns.

This technology enables the replacement of any regenerative injector element so that we can repair any injector delivered for repair. The process of calibrating and regulation of the injector according to this technology qualitatively corresponds to the production of new Common Rail injectors in Bosch factories.

Proper use of original spare parts, installation and calibration of the Bosch third-stage injector, Bosch EPS 708 test bench injector, including dosing characteristics and many years of experience in injector remanufacturing give 100% guarantee of correct operation after repair.