Expertise of diesel components and turbochargers

Injectors, pumps and turbos repair complements other services such as common rail injectors and pumps expertise. It is particularly attractive for authorized service providers struggling with the problem of replacing injectors or other components during the warranty period of the vehicle. The expertise guides the service to further complaints about the injection system. The report includes information on whether the cause of the damage was factory defect, low quality fuel or other engine component damage that affected the performance of the injectors. We also invite you to the expertise during the post-warranty period as well as unauthorized workshops and private vehicle users.
The assessment of the condition of the injector or other parts consists of two parts: before and after dismantling of the first parts. We make a series of microscope images with an advanced digital microscope with a specialized optical fiber illuminator. Photos show the amount, type and cause of damage and are an addition to the writing that underlies the expertise.

Our expertise is already used by many authorized brands of various brands. We invite you to cooperate.

We can also fix for you other types of injectors and many more:

Diesel pumps Common Rail, VP, PLD