1- spring, 2- spring and side-feed PLD system injectors

One-spring, two-spring injectors of each manufacturer e.g. Bosch, Delphi, Lucas, Denso, Zexel from passenger cars and trucks as well as injectors from trucks with PLD system, eg Mercedes Actros 0432191242 0432191348 0432191589 0432191363 0432191260 LRBB02903B, Mercedes Atego, Renault Magnum, DAF XF, Liebherr and others.


  • Disassembly of the injector into parts, damage assessment and preliminary evaluation of repair
  • At this stage we contact the customer


  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Adjusting of 1- and 2- nozzle opening pressure (if applicable)
  • Assembly of injector parts and components using specialized tools and Bosch technology
  • Replacement of other parts of the injector (if necessary)
  • Computer test after repair on BOSCH EPS-205

Injector repaired

24 Month warranty

In case of damage to other parts, they can be exchanged for new, original parts at special prices. The cost of parts is agreed with the customer each time. Their exchange takes place at no additional charge.

Gallery of mechanical injectors

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