Open your own diesel laboratory, we'll teach you how to repair.

Do you want to open your own injectors or diesel pumps repair and reconditioning laboratory? We will implement you in the business from scratch on the technical side!

You do not have to be a specialist, it's our job to do it for you.

In addition to selling and installing of equipment for injection systems, we will provide FREE training on injector repair and other components in your company! Training lasts from a week to a few weeks depending on the version and configuration of the lab.
Practical technical training is conducted by Michael Gladysek. On the training cycle, you will learn the complete reconditioning procedure from dismantling the component to the first part, defect verification and spare parts selection through cleaning and assembly, to calibration, testing and adjustment to obtain a fully repaired product of high quality. We have a training kit for components that include all the generations and types of injectors, pump injectors and pumps and their faults.
After completing the training, we provide free of cost telephone support in the event of any problems encountered. You will not be left alone with difficult technical issues.

We offer equipment based on specialist tools, testers and test benches. We are the exclusive importer of Carbon Zapp's Common Rail injectors cleaning and testing equipment, unit injectors and Common Rail pumps test benches and Bosch's leading authorized distributor of diesel equipment.

We have already been trusted by dozens of companies from across Poland and Europe. We invite you to cooperate.

For more information visit the website dedicated to opening injectors and pumps lab.
Open your own diesel lab

Get into a new business, leave us the technical side