Common Rail injector

Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens VDO Continental

- electromagnetic and piezo


  • Disassembly of the injector for parts and components with microscopic verification of defects
  • Initial repair estimation
  • At this stage we contact the customer
Damage that prevents repair

In the case of inability to repair, you will not pay anything.

Reconditioning, remanufacture, repair

  • Clean all injector elements in ultrasonic bath
  • Replacement of internal seals with new, genuine parts
  • Assembly of parts and components of the injector using Bosch specialized tools and technological regime
  • Replacement of other worn out injector parts (extra charged)
  • Adjustment of injector adjustment dimensions using 3 phase of Bosch injector repair and setting of appropriate injection doses
  • Computer test after repair with report on:
    - BOSCH EPS708 or EPS815 for Bosch injectors
    - Carbon Zapp CRU2R or CRU2i for Delphi, Denso, Siemens, Conti
    • Electronic Injector Circuit Test: Resistance, Inductance, Capacitance
    • High pressure leakage test with overflow measurement without injector steering
    • Measurement of injection discharge and return at full load
    • Measurement of emission injection dose
    • Measurement of idle run dose
    • Measurement of pilotage dose or doses (depending on injector generation)
    • Measurement of the dose increase characteristic for Delphi injectors
    • Test of the nozzle opening pressure of the Common Rail injector under applied steering signal
    • Injector reaction test - delay test from start of current signal to actual injection
    • For Siemens and Continental: If the injector requires it, we will perform a piezo stack revitalization process
    • Testing steps may vary depending on injector producer and type
    • Coding of injector, generation of new code:
      - IMA, ISA for Bosch (both coil and piezo)
      - C2i, C3i for Delphi
      - QR for Denso (both coil and piezo)
    • Spray pattern test on Carbon Zapp CRU2R
  • For Bosch injectors: Quality control using Bosch Quality Scan, setting new QR code for injector learn more

Injector reconditioned

24 Month warranty + test report

The cost of the service should be added to the cost of internal seals. In case of damage to other parts that are necessary to restore the proper operation of the injector, eg injector nozzle with nut, valve, coil, piezo element etc., they can be replaced with new, genuine parts. The cost of parts is agreed with the customer each time. Their exchange takes place at no additional charge.

Bosch Common Rail injector repair gallery

Delphi Common Rail injector repair gallery

Denso Common Rail injector repair gallery

Siemens VDO Continental Common Rail injector repair gallery


Common Rail injector

Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens VDO Continental

- electromagnetic and piezo

1. Cleaning and testing of Common Rail Siemens VDO Continental, Denso, Bosch piezo injectors

Cleaning of CR injector

  • Ultrasonic external cleaning with cavitation protection
  • High pressure internal cleaning with chemical detergent, removing the remaining deposits
  • Measurements of the electrical circuit of the injector

Testing of CR injector

  • Electronic test on Carbon Zapp CRU2i or CRU2R with reports
    • Spray test
    • Injector electronic circuit test: resistance, inductance, capacitance (parameters depend on the type of injector)
    • Leak test
    • Nozzle opening pressure
    • A multi-point injection and full load return test
    • Dose measurement of the injector with multi-dose control
    • Injector reaction time

After each test, we provide a protocol with detailed results.

Benefits for the customer

  • Specialized injector cleaning can improve it
  • Advanced testing simulates engine conditions, after the test you will find out if and which injectors need replacing or repair
  • Revitalization of the piezo stack restores its parameters
The cleaning and testing service is dedicated to Common Rail Bosch, Siemens / VDO / Continental and Denso piezo injectors. Other injectors, such as electromagnetic Bosch, Delphi, are better to verify and repair, which includes cleaning, as well as testing or perform an initial test at a promotional price - see below.

2. Initial test of electromagnetic Common Rail Bosch & Delphi injectors

Promotional action: We are looking for damaged injectors

In January 2014, we introduced a new service that included the selection of damaged injectors, so those that had a negative assessment of their efficiency during the control test.
The service is dedicated to customers who care about the information which injectors are damaged. The control test is not, however, a sufficient tool to provide an opinion on the full efficiency of the injector.

The initial test is accompanied by a protocol with the serial numbers of the individual injectors and the evaluation of each. In the case of a negative assessment we will inform you if there is a possibility of repairing the injector.

In order to give a clear, positive opinion about the technical condition of the injector, a comprehensive diagnostic test and possible mechanical adjustments should be carried out. To do this, we dismantle the injector on the first part and verify it - see the top of this page. Installing the injector into the engine without finding its full condition can damage the vehicle's engine.

Other types of Common Rail injectors, unit injectors and mechanical injectors are cleaned, tested, or verified and repaired in accordance with the applicable Gladysek technology and are not subject to an initial test.

Gallery of cleaning and testing of Common Rail injectors

3. Cleaning and testing of 4 pin Common Rail Bosch CRIN 4.2 injectors from Mercedes Benz Actros trucks

We do complex tests of the latest generation CRIN 4.2 injectors from Mercedes Benz truck with Common Rail Bosch system. The system uses 4-pin injectors with hydraulic amplifier so-called. HADI. The CPN5 high pressure pump produces a maximum pressure of only up to 900 or 1200 bar depending on the design. At low loads, only one coil is operated and the injector operates in much the same way as a conventional common rail injector. When a higher injection pressure is required under load, a second coil is also driven and pressure is increased in the injector itself with a hydraulic booster up to a pressure of 2700 bar.
This system is applicable in models such as Actros, Antos, Arocs and has been installed on a wide scale since 2013, and single models two years earlier.
Due to the fact that some vehicles with this system are no longer on the warranty period of the vehicle manufacturer, we have implemented CRIN 4.2 injector cleaning and testing procedures. Injectors of this type are tested at the Carbon Zapp CRU2R test bench with appropriate adapters. The test involves assessing the electrical parameters of both coils, the injection dose test at different loads, including the high pressure generated by the injector itself, as well as the opening pressure and injection delay in relation to the drive. As part of the service, we also clean the injector with chemical detergent under high pressure. We provide a detailed report for each test.

CRIN 4.2 injector reference numbers:
0445120104, 0445120194, 0445120195, 0445120207, 0445120270, 0445120271, 0445120283, 0445120284, 0445120285, 0445120286, 0445120287, 0445120288, 0445120298, 0445120299, 0445120300, 0445120301, 0445120302, 0445120303, 0445120374, 0445120375, 0445120385, 0445120386

Gallery of cleaning and testing of Common Rail CRIN 4.2 injectors from Mercedes Actros

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