Unit pumps

- Bosch unit pumps UP from PLD system (Pumpe-Leitung-Düse) e.g. Mercedes Actros, Atego, Renault Magnum, DAF XF, Liebherr etc.


  • Disassembly of the pump for parts and components with microscopic verification of defects
  • Initial repair estimation
  • At this stage we contact the customer

Reconditioning, remanufacture, repair

  • Clean all pump elements in ultrasonic bath
  • Replacement of internal seals with new, genuine parts
  • Assembly of parts and components of the pump using Bosch specialized tools and technological regime
  • Replacement of other worn outpump parts (extra charged)
  • Computer test after repair with report on: BOSCH EPS815
    • Measurement of the electrical circuit of the pump
    • Leak test of the unit pump
    • Unit pump efficiency check
    • Return volume test
    • Measurement of BIP signal at different loads

Pump reconditioned

24 Month warranty + test report

The cost of the service should be added to the cost of internal seals. In case of damage to other parts that are necessary to restore the proper operation of the pump, they can be replaced with new, genuine parts. The cost of parts is agreed with the customer each time. Their exchange takes place at no additional charge.

Unit pump repair gallery

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