Turbochargers of all types

Garrett, KKK BorgWarner, IHI, Mitsubishi, Holset, Schwitzer and others

- with pneumatic and electric actuators, single, bi-turbo, twin-turbo, tri-turbo etc.

Initial verification

  • Disassembly of the turbocharger for parts and components with microscopic verification of defects
  • Initial repair estimation
  • At this stage we contact the customer
Damage that prevents repair

In the case of inability to repair, you will not pay anything.

Reconditioning, remanufacture, repair

  • Ultrasonic cleaning of turbocharger components, blasting
  • Replacement of elements such as bearings, sealing rings, etc. and parts of the rotating system that have been damaged, we use only new high quality components
  • If necessary, we replace or remanufacture other turbine components such as variable geometry, pneumatic or electronic actuator, etc. (for an additional fee)
  • Inspecting the rotating turbocharger components on a Schenck balancing device, which records unbalance even at speeds of 200k. / min. This measurement enables the observation and subsequent reduction of vibration at all harmonics. Each time a graph of the report is attached, the print of which is attached to the turbocharger.
  • Checking and setting the pressure regulator or programming the electrical actuator (if necessary, we provide the electrical actuator repair at an additional cost)
  • Dynamic multipoint Flow and Pressure Test on Cimat TurboTest device
  • Study of turbocharger compression characteristics
  • Preparing the turbocharger for mounting on the vehicle

Turbocharger reconditioned

24 Month warranty + test report

The exact cost of remanufacture of the turbocharger from both passenger cars and trucks is agreed after stage 1: initial verification.
The cost of regenerating a turbine depends on many factors such as the type or amount of damage. The total cost of reconditioning may change if additional faults are detected, such as a faulty electric actuator or extensive turbine damage.
Prices apply to turbochargers previously removed from the engine. The service of possible dismantling and assembly of the turbine from the engine is additionally paid.

Turbocharger repair gallery


We have a warehouse of regenerated turbochargers. The offer is addressed primarily to customers who are keen on the urgently getting a repaired turbine. Please check the availability of the turbocharger by contacting with us. In case of not returning the damaged turbocharger in place of the reconditioned one, a deposit is required. The turbocharger replacement option does not interfere with our remanufacture service. We can always fix your turbocharger and the process usually takes 1-2 business days.


We have launched two options for the service itself to check and adjust the turbochargers at the flow bench.
- Check the flow of the "hot" and "cold" side of the turbine
- Check turbocharger boost pressure
Turbos that undergo repair and reconditioning in our company are also checked and regulated at the flow bench at no extra charge.

We can also fix for you other components:

Injectors Common Rail, Unit injectors, PLD, gasoline

Diesel pumps Common Rail, VP, PLD